Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thing 24 - Now what was this Library 2.0 thing again?

So here I am trying this More Things on a Stick program. The first 23 Things were painful enough, but I'm convinced were useful, so I'm going in for another round. Nope, I haven't used my blog since I finished the first 23 Things, and I never have identified another blog that is useful enough for me to subscribe to and regularly read and spend my time on. But! - the amazing thing is that I know what a blog is, how to make one, how to subscribe to one and how to leave comments! This is a huge advancement for me!

I'm slow to adopt technological trends. I tend to carefully pick and choose what I will take part in. But I'm looking forward to what new things I might discover with the next set of Things!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thing 23 - Out of the bog of the library routine!

No more fear!

From 0 to 60mph in 23 steps!

It was painful learning and that was why I knew I had to finish it.

Yep, now I know I can do it. That's my biggest triumph. Having forced my way through, I proved to myself that I can learn this stuff, the tools do work and I've lost my fear. I will not shy away from trying out any 2.0 tools in my library. It actually took me much longer than a few minutes a day, and it was very painful learning all the way through. The more uncomfortable it was to learn about these tools, the more I knew I was on the right track. Good learning should be painful. And it is true, we can't get so bogged down in the drudgery of our daily work that we fail to keep our vision focused on the future. This kind of development is indeed something that requires an ongoing commitment.

I've already put LibraryThing to work for me. I use it to list and tag all my storytime books. I can keep track of my favorites, tag them how I like, access my list from any work site and share my list with any of my colleagues. I also loved, WebJunction and the online productivity tools. I've already incorporated these tools into my work routine.

Thing 22 - Blog Unfog or how to keep up

Yep, you're right, there needs to be an ongoing commitment. I developed my skills so dramatically with this program, that I am strongly motivated to keep up. I went from knowing little and using very few tools to feeling reasonably informed in the 2.0 world. I had to make a very serious commitment to get these Things done. My library did not support the program, so I did it on my own time and under my own initiative. So I know I have what it takes to keep up the commitment. Just as I found it necessary to *force* myself to work on the steps, I will need to force myself to spend those 15 minutes a day to keep up. I already have plans to connect with others in my library as we put 2.0 ideas into action.

Perhaps more important in continuing, is that I have lost my fear! I now know enough to venture into this world even without guidance.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Thing 21 - And more social networking

Although plenty of these networking sites seem much more useful than the basic networking-for-fun-MySpace kind, I'm still not inspired to join up at this time. But I'm glad to be aware of them, and if I come up with a reason in the future, perhaps a use in the library, I would not hesitate to join. I would definitely refer library patrons to these sites, if it seemed appropriate for their research topic. It was fascinating, for example, to see all the topical social networking sites listed in Wikipedia.

The article on WebJunction about social networking was great for imaging all the ways they could be used in the library. I was already a big user of WebJunction and use it all the time! It's such a great site for sharing anything from library policies to programming flyers, not to mention articles and discussions. If I am ever wondering, "How have other libraries done such-and-such?" I look it up on WebJunction and usually find something useful. I will probably do more idea browsing on WebJunction in the future.

I will consider joining Ning in the future, specifically to exchange with librarians in the 23 Thing on a Stick group. After I finish working through the program, I may be looking for additional ideas or feedback on putting some of the tools in action.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thing 20 - Social Networks or saving face & saving space

I'm not quite feeling up to creating an account on Facebook or MySpace without a project in mind right now. I read all the Thing 20 articles and looked at a lot of examples, at least on MySpace. I found two cautionary points most interesting: 1. The story about the beauty queen who got into trouble for photos she had posted on a social networking site. "These were meant to be private photos..." Are there really people out there who post "private" photos and don't realize they are publishing them for the world to see? A lot of these utilities make it so simple to post things, I'm not sure people take the time to think about the ramifications of what they choose to post. 2. The article that urged libraries who are going to venture into social networking sites to post useful content. Flashy trendy sites with nothing useful in content is not going to attract anyone.

I would consider working on a project to create pages for my library on a social networking site. But not just for the sake of doing it. I would want a clear idea beforehand of just what kind of utility it would serve and then worry about how fancy cool it looked. And I would be extremely cautious in the photos or information I loaded, with respect to the library and our patrons.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thing 19 - Podcast enthusiast

I subscribed to a couple podcasts through the RSS feeder on my Google Reader account, just to try it out and demonstrate to myself that I could do it. This is a feature I might actually use! I haven't discovered a blog yet that I can't live without and would conceivably want to subscribe to. But a podcast maybe. I feel much better equipped now to use my blog reader. And now I am much handier at recognizing those little RSS icons and other indicators of features - and I even know what the features are now and how to use them! Imagine that!

I listened to a few podcasts from MPR. MPR makes it pretty easy to find its podcasts and to use them. Here's a link for the "Midmorning" program interviewing librarian extraordinaire Nancy Pearl back in June of last year.

The real test was whether or not I could get a podcast on to my MP3 player, since I'd never taken the time before to try it. And I did it - I managed to download an MPR podcast and load it onto my MP3 player! Hurray for me! Also, my MP3 has recording capabilities. I could make an audio recording, upload it and make my own podcast. I'll have to think about how I could use this in the library. If I do come up with an idea, I would fearlessly try it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thing 18 - Using YouTube

I use YouTube from time to time, mostly when I am searching for examples of various dance styles for my dance classes. It's great for the Salsa Rueda group that I belong to, because we can search for authentic samples of the dance, in this case, directly from Cuba! I've never failed in finding video samples for whatever dance style I'm searching - it's amazing the range of videos from all over the world. I've even searched for specific "pasos" or steps in Salsa Rueda (each one has a name) and I can always find a video example.

After embedding my video in my blog, I now know a little bit more about making better use of the video clips. I would love to make a video for my library and now would fearlessly load it onto YouTube or the library website or wherever! I loved all the library promotional videos. I would look for any opportunity to use online video clips to promote my library or our programs!